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Support from around the world

We are always surprised by the talent and enthusiasm that our supporters have for B612's mission.  Case and point, digital artist and B612 supporter Lars Richter created this video highlighting the need for increased asteroid discovery.  He along with thousand of other people around the...

Tracking killer asteroids

In December 2004, astronomers in Arizona discovered an asteroid the size of a cruise ship that appeared to be on a collision course with Earth. Initial observations of the space rock, known as Apophis, suggested that it had a very good chance of striking our...

Chelyabinsk: 3 Years Later

Today marks the three-year anniversary of the Chelyabinsk asteroid airburst. You probably recall watching the dash cam video footage of the fireball exploding over the city. The asteroid was only 17-20 meters in diameter. For reference, the asteroid that flattened 2,000 sq km of forest...

Geoff Notkin, David Brin, Scott Manley, Squad and YOU!

The B612 team would like to thank everyone who helped support our end-of-year fundraising campaign! [caption id="attachment_960" align="aligncenter" width="250"] It's a Kerbal Guy![/caption]   We received gifts from people from over 20 countries around the world, showing the true global reach of this dedicated community of asteroid hunters....

B612 Interview with Ruth Sears

Written by Hillary Aiken “I am supporting B612 on behalf of my grandfather, Howard Sears: in honor of his encouraging us to search for knowledge, and to work to improve the lives of others.” Ruth Sears With supporters from across the globe, we have the great honor...

Our response to the NASA Planetary Defense Office

We have good news to report. The field of Planetary Defense has taken a step forward with the announcement of the formation of the Planetary Defense Coordination Office (PDCO) within NASA. This new office was created in response to the highly critical report by the...

NASA Planetary Defense Coordination Office Statement

B612 Foundation applauds NASA’s recent announcement of the formation of the Planetary Defense Coordination Office. NASA's new planetary defense coordination office has a critical role not only in coordination but importantly in funding projects for asteroid detection and deflection. There are an estimated one million...