FAQ on giving

Can I donate by check or wire transfer?

To send a gift by mail, send your check or money order to:

B612 Foundation
Attn: Gifts Administration
20 Sunnyside Avenue
Suite 427
Mill Valley, CA 94941

Donate by wire transfer:

B612 Foundation
Account # 7309680044
Routing # 121000248
Wells Fargo Bank
18 Miller Avenue
Mill Valley, CA  94941
Can I pay with Bitcoin?

Yes, we’re happy to say that we now accept Bitcoin donations, which are processed via BitPay. BitPay is an electronic payment processing system for the bitcoin currency. BitPay enables online merchants to accept bitcoins, as a form of payment like payments from Visa, Mastercard, Amex, Google Wallet and Paypal.

Our Bitcoin donation page is here.

How will you use my donation?

The B612 Foundation is committed to being wise stewards of your money by being focused on a very specific project, the Sentinel Mission. We are a virtual organization that is not building a large operations facility or other ground based monuments because that would take money, time, and effort from our principal task. Because we operate with a lean and mean work ethic, your gift to B612 Foundation funds more science and technology in service of Sentinel, whose ultimate mission is to protect humanity on Earth.

From our founding in 2002 until 2011, the B612 Foundation was focused on research on asteroid deflection technology. You can read more about our origins here, and our current work here. For the first nine years of existence, the organization was entirely volunteer-run, and our financials reflect that. You can review our tax returns on Guidestar. Late in 2011, we realized that if we did not act ourselves, humanity was unlikely to have adequate warning of the next major asteroid impact. And it was then that the B612 Foundation decided to embark on the Sentinel Mission and to significantly scale up our operations.

In June 2012 we announced our plans to build and launch the Sentinel Space Telescope. 2012 was spent building out our both core leadership team and our technical review team, with our first paid staff member signing on in mid-2012. In 2013 and beyond, your donations will help us to build our organization while simultaneously continuing the design and manufacturing of the Sentinel Space Telescope.

What is the B612 Foundation’s tax identification number?

The tax identification number for B612 Foundation is 54-2078469.

Does B612 Foundation have a 501(c)(3) designation?

Yes, B612 Foundation is an exempt charitable organization. You can access our Guidestar listing here. Note: in 2010 we filed a 990N. Guidestar does not host 990Ns through their site.

Have you been evaluated by Charity Navigator?

We have not been evaluated by Charity Navigator. Before we decided to launch the Sentinel Mission (2012), our organization’s revenue was small. Between 2002 and 2011 we never met the financial threshold for a Charity Navigator review. We expect in the future years they may evaluate and rate our program. Click here to learn more from Charity Navigator.

Is my donation tax deductible?

Yes. All monetary donations are tax deductible to the fullest extent allowed by tax laws. Your financial advisor can help with with any questions about your specific tax circumstances.

Is it secure to donate online?

Yes. B612 Foundation has partnered with Network For Good to guarantee secure online donation processing. Your credit card information is not shared or stored with B612 Foundation. Donate online through Network for Good now.

Our entire site is SSL encrypted so donations made via BitPay are also protected.

Can I give anonymously?

Yes, you can make an anonymous gift. Make an anonymous gift online through Network for Good. To make an anonymous gift through our Major Gifts program, contact us directly at gifts@b612foundation.org.

How can I set up or change monthly giving options?

Setting up monthly giving is easy through Network for Good. To set up, change, or stop your monthly gift, log into your Network for Good account and edit your settings at any time.

What is B612 Foundation’s privacy policy?

Your privacy is very important to us. We will never rent, sell or share your personal information with any third party.

If you do not wish to be listed on Our Supporters page, you can either make a gift anonymously through Network for Good, or by letting us know of your wishes by emailing gifts@b612foundation.org.

How do I use appreciated stock to make a charitable contribution?

Donating appreciated stocks that you’ve owned for more than a year can be a taxwise way to contribute because you can deduct the stock’s current market value, regardless of your original cost. Find out how to donate appreciated stock, click here. Your financial advisor can help with with any questions about your specific tax circumstances.

I misplaced my tax receipt. How can I get another copy?

Tax receipts are provided for all donations. When making a contribution online, you receive an electronic receipt immediately from either Paypal or Network for Good. If you have a question about your online donation or cannot locate your online donation receipt, email gifts@b612foundation.org or call 650 644 4539. For a lost receipt or question about a mailed donation, email us at gifts@b612foundation.org

How can I learn about B612 Foundation’s progress?

The best way for you to stay updated on the Sentinel Mission is to sign up to receive email updates from Ed, Rusty and the Sentinel crew. Join the e-community here.

The world needs your help. Be part of our mission crew.