Help build a four-dimensional map of our solar system

Merel Kennedy

November 15, 2022

Alongside our donors and the astronomical community, we are creating a tool to enable human expansion into space, provide insight into Earth’s evolution, and protect our planet: a map of the solar system.

Throughout human history, mapping has been the key to the opening of new frontiers. The mapping of previously uncharted regions has enabled economic expansion and advancements in science.

A comprehensive and predictive map of the solar system will:

  • serve as the basis for future commerce in space, both as a means of identifying and claiming outer space resources and as a fundamental navigational layer upon which space location-based services can be built;
  • be a treasure trove of information on the history and evolution of our solar system and allow us to identify potential opportunities for scientific missions;
  • tell us well in advance of impending asteroid impacts, allowing us ample time to deflect asteroids from hitting Earth.

But the long-term value of a map itself will be vastly greater.

The next century of human expansion and advancement will be dominated by activities in space. Just as we have seen over the past millennia here on Earth, this development will be enabled by finding the small bodies in our solar system.

Help Build the Map of our Solar System

Developing a map will require visionary investment, and with history as our guide, will provide an enormous payoff to all of humanity. We need your financial support.

Join us in our mission.

Today your gift will have twice the impact thanks to the Tito’s CHEERS (Creating Hope + Elevating Emerging Research + Science) program. Will you consider a donation today to support our mission and invest in the Earth’s future?

Merel Kennedy