Bryce Bolin

Bryce Bolin

Senior Researcher

Asteroid Institute


Bryce is a Senior Researcher at the Asteroid Institute. The main focus of his academic studies has been the dynamical processes that affect small body populations in the solar system and how these dynamical processes affect the population that we see. He uses observational and numerical modeling approaches on topics such as the evolution of asteroid families older than two billion years, the collisional history of Main Belt Asteroids and Near Earth Asteroids, the strength of the Yarkovsky effect on asteroids’ orbits, asteroids’ thermal and rotational properties and the photometric characterization of asteroids and comets.

Bryce’s interests include the dynamics of solar system small body populations, solar system formation, survey astronomy, optical observations, asteroid structure and formation, activated asteroids and comets. He has extensive programming experience in Python, and proficient in C, Fortran, IDL, Perl, IRAF, MySQL, SWIFT and REBOUND N-body integrators.