Marc Buie

Marc Buie

Institute Scientist

Asteroid Institute


Marc has worked with world-class telescopes around the globe, from portable telescopes in remote locations to space-based telescopes, including the Hubble Space Telescope (HST) at the Space Telescope Science Institute. He has studied smaller bodies in the solar system from asteroids to comets, as well as satellites of the giant planets. He also has a deep and long-term interest in Pluto and his work has created maps of the surface of Pluto by using data from the HST.

Marc’s work includes a leading role in the Deep Ecliptic Survey to discover and catalog objects near and beyond Pluto. He has worked on numerous instrument development projects from the first spectrograph to a faculty-class infrared imaging instrument in use today at the Lowell Observatory and has published more than 115 peer-reviewed research papers. In 1999, “Asteroid 7553 Buie” was named in honor of Marc’s study of our solar system.