Sentinel’s Mission to Find 500,000 Near-Earth Asteroids

Adam Bader

April 29, 2015

B612 Foundation, a nonprofit planetary-defense group, as well as engineers at Ball Aerospace & Technologies Corp., have devised a space mission, called Sentinel, that could go a long way toward finding asteroids on collision courses before they pose a danger to Earth.

Sentinel’s mission is to find 500,000 near-earth asteroids.



Looking Out: Sentinel will hunt for NEOs over more than half the sky, slightly more than a hemisphere; the cross section extends over 200 degrees in the plane of the solar system. Because Sentinel’s orbit is faster than Earth’s, the telescope will be able to move ahead of Earth and find objects that will one day cross its orbit—long before they approach the planet.


Harold Reitsema, B612 Mission Director, shares why Sentinel is the superior asteroid hunting telescope. The privately funded space telescope will search for objects on a collision course with Earth.

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IEEE Spectrum (April 29, 2015)

Adam Bader