Stump the Astronaut, Ask Ed Anything!

Katie Young

April 23, 2020

On April 14th we invited our global “B612 Crew” to take a break from the news, homeschooling, and adapting to quarantined life, to join the community to “Ask Dr. Ed Lu Anything”! 

It was great to see B612 supporters, families, and children from around the world on the small screen!  Ed answered questions about what asteroids are made of, asteroid deflection options, to whether or not anyone has done ballet in Space and his favorite food on the Space Station! It turns out that astronaut Nicole Stott did do ballet (although not that we know of in Space) and Ed loved a “Lamb with Vegetables” stew made by the head chef of the food department at Star City who was from Uzbekistan

And we were able to stump Ed! If only for a few minutes, he didn’t quite have the name of an obscure interstellar object passing through our Solar System (similar to ‘Oumuamua’) called  2I/Borisov, but he did eventually think of the name!



Katie Young