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Why You Shouldn’t Blow Up an Asteroid

cartoon via “Based on the Hollywood treatment of threatening asteroids, and to some extent even on first blush logic, it would seem that the most direct way to deal with an asteroid that threatens an impact with Earth would be to simply send up a bomb of appropriate size and blow it up.  However […]

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Space Rock Traffic Control

We enjoyed this cartoon from The Economist’s blog post: “How do you stop an asteroid hitting Earth?” Just wishing it was that easy to divert an asteroid! (Although it can be done if you have time to plan for it. Read more about the Gravity Tractor.)

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Deflecting Killer Asteroid Could Be Geopolitical Nightmare

What do asteroid deflection and politics have to do with each other? Find out by reading what Apollo 9 lunar module pilot and fellow asteroid hunter Rusty Schweickart (he’s also B612′s co-founder and Chair Emeritus) has to say in this very interesting article:

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