Asteroid Institute | ADAM: Emmie King

Ha Le

August 10, 2021

The Asteroid Discovery Analysis and Mapping project or ADAM is a platform for mapping, modeling, and analyzing asteroid observations and will form the basis for building future services such as mission planning, asteroid risk visualization, space navigation, and resource mapping. ADAM will primarily run from data collected by the Vera C. Rubin Observatory (formerly LSST) which will go online in approximately two years. The future success of ADAM’s open-source astrodynamics platform is fueled by the team of engineers, researchers supporting the project. The Asteroid Institute is pleased that software engineer Emmie King, is one of the minds behind the ADAM project.

Emmie is a software engineer on the ADAM project and the Director of Software Engineering with Space Exploration Engineering (SEE). On the ADAM project she has contributed to New User onboarding and authentication, advancing the continuous integration and deployment workflow, augmenting matrix and state vector transformation capabilities, and streamlining the process of passing NEODys (Near Earth Objects Dynamic Site) information and JPL Horizons ephemeris information into ADAM for processing and verification.

At SEE, she works to understand the desired application capabilities and testing scenarios for various programs leading to infrastructure design, implementation, integration, and testing. She also contributes code to the development of multi-platform application systems, through local builds and cloud deployments.

Emmie has worked on a diverse range of aerospace applications as a software engineer. She has supported the Department of Defense and NASA as a subcontractor. Emmie has been responsible for the standardization, organization, maintenance, and extension of software practices for new and legacy missions. She has experience with developing, integrating, testing, troubleshooting, and optimizing software. Her knowledge has been applied to data collection, satellite and missile ground systems, synthetic image generation, and real-time simulation. Emmie earned a Bachelor of Science in Aerospace Engineering from the University of Maryland.

Ha Le