Our Mission

Develop tools and technologies to understand, map, and navigate our solar system, and protect our home planet from asteroid impacts.

About B612 Foundation and Asteroid Institute 

Asteroid Institute brings together scientists, researchers, and engineers to develop tools and technologies to understand, map, and navigate our solar system. A program of B612 Foundation, the Asteroid Institute leverages advances in computer science, instrumentation, and astronomy to find and track asteroids. Since 2002, the Foundation has supported research and technologies to enable the economic development of space and enhance our understanding of the evolution of our solar system in addition to supporting educational programs, including Asteroid Day. Founding Circle and Asteroid Circle members, and individual donors from 46 countries provide financial support for the work.

Technical Excellence


Our extended team of staff, collaborators, and partners combined are the best and are unparalleled in expertise. The success of our work is dependent on it.



We believe it is our responsibility to put our knowledge and expertise to work for the betterment of humanity.




We are driven by a thirst for knowledge. Our commitment to discovery is fed by a sense of wonder for the universe, and for our evolving capacity to explore it.



We believe in stepping up and addressing unmet challenges. We don’t believe in wishing for the best, but instead in exploring and devising solutions with the best outcomes.

Join The Crew

Whether you are a student, citizen scientist, or C-Level executive, we need your help supporting the cause and spreading the word.

The world needs your help. Be part of our mission crew.