Asteroid Institute | ADAM: Nate Tellis

Merel Kennedy

April 19, 2022

Nate Tellis, dynamic researcher and scientist, is helping propel ADAM forward


The Asteroid Institute, a program of B612, is excited to highlight researcher Nate Tellis, one of the forces behind ADAM, the Asteroid Discovery Analysis and Mapping project.

ADAM is a platform for mapping, modeling, and analyzing asteroid observations and will form the basis for building future services such as mission planning, asteroid risk visualization, space navigation, and resource mapping. ADAM will primarily run from data collected by the Vera C. Rubin Observatory (a.k.a. LSST) which is scheduled to go online by the end of 2023.

Nate spent several years as a staff scientist with the UC Berkeley Department of Astronomy. At Berkeley, Nate’s focus was on optical SETI programs, primarily the search for unresolved point sources in stellar spectra. Nate led searches for technosignatures in all archival spectra from the Keck 2 telescope, as well as data taken for the purposes of SETI on the Levy Spectrometer at Lick Observatory under the Breakthrough Listen program.

Nate is also co-founder of RocketCDL, a human resources technology startup focusing on recruiting and retention in high-turnover industries, primarily transportation and logistics. At RocketCDL, Nate works on the web and mobile infrastructure of the core product, assisting in developing and scaling internal APIs, integrations, and UI, but focuses much of his time on product design. He has experience with standing up and maintaining software products, from idea, through testing and development, to sale and finally to support. Nate holds his Bachelor of Science in Physics and Computer Science from McGill University, Montreal.

Nate joined the recent Hackathon in Seattle along with many others on our research and development team.

The future success of ADAM’s open source astrodynamics platform is fueled by the team of engineers and researchers supporting the project. Welcome to the team, Nate!

Merel Kennedy