Asteroid Institute’s ADAM Project Hosts Hackathon

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October 6, 2017

Participants in the 2017 ADAM HackDays with the DIRAC Institute at UW in Seattle


On October 4-5, 2017, B612’s Asteroid Institute and the DIRAC Institute (also known as Data Intensive Research in Astrophysics and Cosmology) hosted the first ADAM project HackDays at the University of Washington in Seattle.

ADAM (Asteroid Decision and Analysis Machine) is a project of the Asteroid Institute that works to better understand threats and opportunities coming from asteroids in the Solar System. ADAM will be a cloud-based system for large-scale precise integration and analysis of trajectories of asteroids, especially those that are potentially hazardous to Earth.

The Hackathon brought together members of the Asteroid Institute, DIRAC Institute researchers, and community supporters for an ADAM team meeting and a two-day opportunity to hack on ADAM code.

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