B612 Heads to Luxembourg to Celebrate Asteroid Day

Danica Remy

July 22, 2019

On June 30th, the world came together to celebrate Asteroid Day’s 5th anniversary in Luxembourg. B612 co-founders Rusty Schweickart and Dr. Ed Lu, along with B612 President Danica Remy, joined dozens of other asteroid experts from around the world for three incredible events.


Asteroid Day Technical Briefing


Ed and Rusty participated in the annual technical briefing. They joined asteroid scientists and other astronauts and cosmonauts to share their views and the latest asteroid science to a local audience. Danica moderated the briefing, which included a presentation from LSST and Asteroid Institute collaborator Dr. Lynne Jones. You can watch the briefing here.

VIDEO: Asteroid Day Technical Briefing


Asteroid Day Live!


Rusty, Ed and Danica also participated in AD Live!, Asteroid Day’s 6-hour livestream. They were in panels about planetary defense missions, the latest satellite technology, the future of space travel, and space and art. You can watch all of the Asteroid Day panels here

VIDEO: ADLive! Panel – Planetary Defense Missions

VIDEO: ADLive! Panel – With Love, From Russia (and Space)

VIDEO: ADLive! Panel – Asteroid Day Inspirations and Reflections


Asteroid Day Gala


Finally, Rusty was the keynote speaker at the Asteroid Day Gala. He gave a moving speech to the several hundred gala attendees about humanity 50 years after Apollo. You can watch his address here.

VIDEO: Rusty’s Keynote at the 2019 Asteroid Day Gala

Danica Remy