ESA + NASA’s Hera Mission by Danica Remy

Daniel de Zeeuw

July 26, 2018

ESA and NASA are currently reviewing the Hera Mission with plans to demonstrate that an asteroid can be shifted in its orbit by 2022.

This is a great mission for ESA and NASA, and we look forward to cheering both agencies efforts during the course of the planning and development, and hopeful deployment of Hera.

B612 was formed 16 years ago with the goal to encourage a deflection demonstration mission. The Hera mission is a testament to the current state of the global efforts on this issue and the work of a lot of people pushing the conversation forward, including the Association of Space Explorers and the United Nations.

Hera is not a B612 mission, but I believe we helped in part to fuel the global dialogue that made this mission a reality. It is evidence of the long-term nature of the problem that we are collectively trying to solve. It is a win for for the world if Hera flies, and it is a win for our early supporters who believed this day would come.

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Danica Remy


Daniel de Zeeuw