Geoff Notkin, David Brin, Scott Manley, Squad and YOU!

Adam Bader

January 21, 2016

The B612 team would like to thank everyone who helped support our end-of-year fundraising campaign!

It's a Kerbal Guy!

It’s a Kerbal Guy!


"Earth" is a book by David Brin who is a B612 Strategic Advisor.We received gifts from people from over 20 countries around the world, showing the true global reach of this dedicated community of asteroid hunters. We also want to extend a special thank you to B612 Strategic Advisor and renowned author, David Brin, TV personality and meteorite expert Geoff rock_star_cover_geoff_notkinNotkin, and YouTube personality and Astronogamer Scott Manley along with the folks at Squad, developers of the Kerbal Space Program video game. David and Geoff offered copies of their books to 10 randomly selected donors, and Squad offered a few posters signed by Scott and their developer team. Winners of the books and posters hail from across the United States and across the world in the Czech Republic, United Kingdom, New Zealand, Dubai, Canada, and Norway. B612 is funded entirely by individuals, and it are donations like these that make us able to achieve our mission to protect the Earth from asteroid impacts through advancing cutting-edge science and technology and engaging in advocacy and education around the world.

Adam Bader