Allan Posner

Allan Posner

Institute Astrodynamicist
Institute Principal Systems Engineer

Asteroid Institute


Allan Posner has played integral roles in NASA and DoD programs.

For the NASA NEAR program, as part of the Mission Operations Team, he designed and performed in-flight trajectory-correction maneuvers; as the Team GN&C subject-matter expert, he led in-flight operations of the magnetometer and the multi-spectral-imaging camera; he also developed command procedures that were executed during I&T and during spacecraft operations.

For the DoD Midcourse Space Experiment (MSX) program, he led the GPS Pre-Processing System software-development effort; tested and validated the Orbit and Ground Site Visibility Prediction software; and analyzed the effects of cryogen venting on spacecraft orbit and attitude.

For the NASA FUSE program, he conceived and developed the Satellite Control Center (SCC) architecture, requirements, interfaces and software functional designs; and validated SCC functionality from development through Launch and Early Operations.

He also authored a winning SBIR proposal to integrate Spacecraft Command Language (SCL) into the Air Force Research Laboratory’s projects for Space Vehicles Technology Development and Spacecraft Autonomy.

Posner has authored and presented several papers at industry and international symposia. He attended Johns Hopkins University where he earned degrees (BA and MA) in Physics and (MS) in Computer Science.

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