Board Director

Board Director

Lawrence Wilkinson

Lawrence Wilkinson is Chairman of Heminge & Condell (H&C), an investment and strategic advisory firm. Throu…

Garrett Gruener

Co-founder Alta, former Partner, Burr, Egan, Deleage & Co, former CEO Nanōmix

Dr. Edward Lu

Executive Director Asteroid Institute
B612 Co-founder, Former NASA Astronaut, astrophysicist

Geoffrey Baehr

Genral Partner Almaz Capital Partners, Founder ATM Forum, technical advisor to many

Dr. Dan Durda

Scientist, Dept. of Space Studies of the Southwest Research Institute’s (SwRI) Boulder Colorado

Dr. Clark Chapman

Planetary Scientist (retired), Southwest Research Institute (SwRI); B612 Co-founder

Danica Remy

Co-Founder, Asteroid Day; Former COO Tides; Director, Long Now Foundation; Director, Network for Good...